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Nokia 6.1 plus charging port issue.


The charging port issues few Nokia phones have is a design fault, it’s a guaranteed failure. Because the port is wider than the width of the USB input after it plugs in the charging socket it doesn’t have any support. Before you try this diy I’d recommend you to use the original cable don’t use mi cable or any other cable from other OEMs because you don’t need to waste your hard earned money.

I’ll explain what it is actually that you see in this photo. You need “clear tape/cello tape” and a “razor blade/craft knife”(anything with which you can make a clean cut on the tape layers.

Wrap around 5/6 rounds of tape around your type c usb keep it clean don’t wrap over the plastic part then cut the tapes off from the half part on front end.

Make everything as clean as possible and try to fit in your mobile to see for any adjustments if it doesn’t get in don’t push you need the carefully peel off a bit and cut that clearly and they try to fit in again until you’re satisfied with the fittings.

This isn’t tricky at all it’s just a simply diy hack that will save you from spending money over that’s never gonna get fixed and the frustration and the amount of time wasted.

I got my phone in September last year, despite all the backlash it was receiving for this issue and the day I got my phone I did this and still using it and charging it without any issues.

Things to note –

the tapes may wear off due to rough use at times repeat the process.

No it doesn’t affect your charging speed

*You can try it with other phones which has this issue i.e Nokia 5.1plus

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